Tideway East

Wentworth House Partnership designed various site enabling works for a major upgrade of an existing sewage pumping station. These included water main diversions, temporary site hydrant / meter design, surface drainage solutions for storm and grey water and sewage over pumping solutions.

We designed a temporary foundation system to support large slurry treatment silo farms and equipment at Phoenix Wharf for CVBJV. The foundation was predominantly of a ground bearing slab and a sheet pile wall was required, installed and tied back to the slab to act as protection to an adjacent historic river wall. We then carried out analysis to check the silo tank shells due to differential settlement.

Wentworth House Partnership designed a timber mat / granular working platform to allow piling operation directly over a large diameter storm sewer at the Deptford Church Street site to support tideway works and also carried out damage assessment of the sewer from the piling works.

The next stage was to design a piled raft for temporary bentonite silo farms to support CVBJV works at King Edward Memorial Park site. This work included a damage assessment of the Rotherhithe Tunnel which is within the influence zone of the piled raft and submission of an AIP to TfL.

We assessed the impact of construction of permanent tideway facilities at King Edward Memorial Park site on existing river walls. As the river walls are of varying types of construction and are locally tied back to the ventilation shaft of the Rotherhithe Tunnel. We also researched the history of construction of the river wall and the vent shaft to inform the damage assessment.

Wentworth House Partnership carried out the detailed CAT III check of the foundations for the slurry treatment plant at the main TBM launch site of Chambers Wharf. This included 3D FE analysis, taking into account historic foundations, including differential impact assessment of the silo tank shells.

We then designed an articulated shallow foundation system to support the Acoustic Shed and gantry cranes and a temporary jacking system to maintain the shed integrity against ground settlement.

At Greenwich Pumping Station site, Wentworth House Partnership designed a temporary protection slab supported by temporary king post piles to protect existing underground chambers and sewers. We also designed other shallow footing foundations to support a temporary crane shed structure with twin gantry cranes, and to allow delivery of TBM components up to 600t using SPMT and specialized gantry cranes.

We then carried out an impact assessment for jet grouting column and panel installation on existing adjacent masonry chambers and tunnels up to 12m deep and 3.2m diameter. Arching theory was utilised. Strength analysis from masonry core crushing tests was carried out. We designed, specified and analysed jet grouting trials to confirm design parameters.


  • Location: London