Wentworth House Partnership’s role was to facilitate the construction of a three level basement within existing walls 13m high and new secant walls 15m high.

To allow construction of the secant wall, dead shoring to the existing three level basement of the structure was designed to allow cutting of holes for piles up to 2.4m diameter and operation of a 130T piling rig at the ground floor.

This included propping to the existing basement walls 13m high, as well as propping to 15m high secant wall.

Temporary platforms were installed over pile holes and existing openings in the ground floor for the 130T piling rig.

Earth support was provided to new 20m x 20m x 5m deep core excavation and to pilecaps up to 4.5m deep below the existing basement level, and FE analysis of ground movements was undertaken.

In addition, we supported the shoring to the retained section of the ground floor to maintain road access to adjacent property.


  • Awards: BCIA temporary works award shortlist