Wentworth House Partnership is the BCIA 2020 temporary works initiative winner.

WHP has won the BCIA temporary works initiative 2020 for our work with Keltbray Group at Bank Building Belfast.

The listed Bank Buildings was badly damaged by a fire in August 2018 which left the perimeter walls standing and the inside largely destroyed. WHP was involved in providing temporary works solution making the remaining structure safe to allow the surrounding area to reopen and to start the rebuilding works on the retained building.

After review by the panel of judges, WHP won in recognition of demonstrating the marriage of a simple imaginative and sustainable solution with the benefits of modern analysis, overcoming a challenging problem in complex environment and our innovative modular system which can be reusable in wider façade retention market.

A journal paper was previously published in ICE Publishing on the façade retention project, which can be found in the ICE Library.

Being the winner back in 2016 and 2018, we are pleased to be the winner in 2020 again!